Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Please send any special requests, comments, feedbacks or other questions to support@qampusplus.com
How can my school enroll ?
Getting your school enrolled on Qampusplus is a few clicks away, all you need is Click on signup to onboard your school in seconds.
Can One account manage multiple schools ?
Yes, Qampusplus has super admin features that let you manage multiple schools from one dashboard.
How secure are my data ?
We are GDPR COMPLIANT. Qampusplus is built to help you manage your school efficiently. We do not share/sell your data. Our platform complies with industry-leading security standards to provide a worry-free experience we incorporate end-to-end encryption to ensure maximum data security.
Do You Offer Phone Support ?
We have a fully functional customer support depart that is eager to render any support 24/7 Via live chat, email, and phone